Welcome to Kindergarten at 12th Street Elementary School!
The Kindergarten teachers are 
Mrs. Tucker, Mrs. Haas,
Mrs. Troyer, Mrs. Polasek, and Mrs. Maslanka  

(Our website is under construction. We hope to have it completed in the near future.)
Contact the Teachers:
  • Mrs. Troyer's email is jtroyer@portageps.org  
    • phone is 269-323-6920
  • Mrs. Brasher's email is abrasher@portageps.org
    • phone is 269-323-6917
  • Mrs.Haas email is hhaas@portageps.org 
    • phone is 269-323-6903
  • Mrs. Polasek's email is jpolasek@portageps.org 
    • phone is 269-323-6915
  • Mrs. Maslanka's email is amaslanka@portageps.org
    • phone is 269-323-6915

Important Resources