Behavior expectations

In my classroom we use the PAWS expectations that the entire school uses.

P--practice kindness
A--act respectfully
W--work responsibly

Pretty much any behavior issue that comes up in the class falls under one of these categories.  We review frequently what these mean and how we can follow them.  We also discuss examples of ways that are NOT following PAWS.  I  use the "clip up/clip down" system in my room to help children self monitor their behavior during the day.  I discuss with him/her why a clip was changed and what better choices could be made next time.  At the end of each day your child will color his/her calendar on the back side of the blue take-home folder so that you can see what kind of day he/she had.  The colors are written at the bottom of the calendar explaining what each color means. Reminders are usually given before they have to start changing clips for a behavior.  They start off each day with green (ready to learn) because every day is a new day!!!!