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As a school, we believe it is important to recognize students on their birthday and to also reinforce practices which promote positive student health and learning. Due to increased food allergies within every grade throughout the school, we will no longer allow edible birthday treats (cupcakes, cookies, etc.) to be served to students during school hours. We will continue to honor students’ birthdays.


We will recognize our 12th Street Jaguar birthdays with their name scrolling on a slide on our T.V. monitors and a special birthday pencil will be provided to each student celebrating a birthday (or half-birthday). Classroom teachers may also choose to provide your child with additional age appropriate birthday recognitions (wearing of a birthday crown, extra free choice time, no homework pass, etc.). If you do not wish to have your child’s birthday recognized at school due to religious or personal reasons, please inform our school office.


If you would like to do more to help your child celebrate their birthday or half-birthday at school, we’d like you to consider some of the following options:


·         Share a small inexpensive non-edible treat with classmates: erasers, highlighters, bookmark or pencils are always appreciated and needed by students. Providing sidewalk chalk, bubbles, some jump ropes – something fun to do outdoors – is also a fun way to celebrate.

·         Donate an age appropriate game for indoor recess: When the weather does not allow for recess outside, students are always seeking new games to play during indoor recess. Donating an age appropriate game in honor of your child’s birthday is a wonderful long-lasting birthday gift shared with all students.

·         Donate an item from your teacher’s classroom supply wish list: Teachers are always in need of additional whiteboard markers, an electric pencil sharpener, good quality construction paper, etc. If you’re not sure, just ask!

·         Dedicate a book: Have your child dedicate a grade-level appropriate book to his/her classroom library. We encourage parents/guardians to write “In honor of _____________ birthday” inside the book. Please check with your child’s teacher for book titles and/or author ideas.

·         Eat lunch with your child on his/her birthday: Parents/guardians are always welcome to join their child for lunch at school. While food cannot be shared with other students, parents are welcome to bring lunch for themselves and their child to celebrate their birthday.


No additional participation from parents/guardians is needed; the list suggested above is only if a parent/guardian wishes to do more than the school recognition of student’s birthdays.


Thank you for your understanding of our non-edible birthday treats commitment beginning in the fall of 2014. We appreciate your support in helping our school move forward with the new birthday recognition plan.