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Welcome to Mrs. Polasek and Mrs. Maslanka's Kindergarten class!

Our Specials Schedule


Monday:       ART - 1:50-2:38

Tuesday:      ART- 1:50-2:38
                   LIBRARY- 9:30-9:45

Wednesday: GYM- 1:50-2:38 (Remember your gym shoes!!)

Thursday:   MUSIC- 8:55-9:43

FridayMUSIC- 1:50-2:38

Lunch: 12:20-12:43

Recess:  11:55-12:20

This week's newsletter:


This week we dove into our math, reading and writing curriculums. In math, we have been focusing on recognizing attributes of related objects in terms of same, different and same except for___. Categorizing objects and recognizing similarities is a foundational skill that will help strengthen each child’s ability to order numbers and count. We have also been working on how to count “the math way.” When using your fingers to count, we start with the left pinky and move to the right hand starting with the thumb and ending with the right pinky. Counting this way will be practiced throughout the year.

In reading, we have been working on recognizing and producing rhyming words. These lessons have also involved breaking apart words to hear the beginning, middle and end sounds. With rhyming, hearing the ending sounds is essential to mastering this skill.

In writing, we started our journals. We have focused on getting our ideas onto the page using pictures. Creating complete stories through the pictures using detail and age appropriate coloring was the focus. From here we will move into labeling our pictures with sound spelling and eventually writing three sentences by the end of the year. This is one of the areas we typically see a lot of growth in our students. It is always thrilling as a teacher to witness the light bulb turn on as each child grasps how interconnected reading and writing are!

Other focus areas this week included getting to know each other’s names, learning and practicing all of the routines for each step of the day. This is a really sweet group of students with exceptionally kind hearts! It is so fun to watch the interactions among the students during free play times. It is evident that everyone is striving to be a good friend.


This week we also welcomed a new student. So please be sure to send in 2 sets of 24 snacks. Thanks!


If there are any parent volunteers that would like to do some cutting either at home or at school (you are welcome to use our paper cutters) please let Julie know. It must be done by Friday the 25th. Thanks so much!!

Picture Day

Monday, September 28th is picture day. Order forms are coming home today. All of the instructions for ordering are on the form.

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