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Unit 2

Sharing Time        Big Idea:  Books help us learn new things.   
Week 6 -  My Five Senses

Essential Question: How are the five senses the same and different?

Word Wall Word: see

Oral Vocabulary: drift, ripen, scurry, sizzle, whisper, and whistle (These are words that the students discuss as a part of the read aloud story.)
Grammar: Sensory words 

Target skill: Compare and contrast

Week 9 -  What Do Wheels Do All Day?

Essential Question: What can I learn from the pictures in a selection?

Word Wall Words:  to

Oral Vocabulary:  early, weeds, community, cement, vacant, and welding

Grammar:  adjectives for numbers

Target skill:  text and graphic features

Week 7 -  Mice Squeak, We Speak

Essential Question: How can I learn about characters in a story?

Word Wall Words: we

Oral Vocabulary: foolish, frowns, ruffled, special, treasures, and tropical 
Grammar: sensory words

Target skill: understanding characters

Week 10 -  Mouse Shapes

Essential Question:  How do the parts of a story work together?

Word Wall Words: see, we, a to

Oral Vocabulary:  add, fluffy, fresh, grinned, moment, and shyly

Grammar:  adjectives for size and shape

Target skill:Story Structure

Week 8 - Move

Essential Question:  How can details help me understand a selection?

Word Wall Words:  a

Oral Vocabulary:  backward, beat, leap, strange, wiggle, and zigzag 
Grammar:  adjectives for color

Target skill:  Details