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Unit 5

Growing and Changing   Big Idea: Change is all around us.  
Week 21 -  The Best of Friends

Essential Question: How do characters change in a story?

Word Wall Words: make, play

Oral Vocabulary: idea, just, plain, teach, together, until

Grammar: pronouns - he, she, we

Target skill: understanding characters

Week 24 -  Chameleon, Chameleon

Essential Question: What clues help me figure out things the author does not tell me?

Word Wall Words: he, no

Oral Vocabulary: communicate, mood, scent, sly, survive, temperature

Grammar: questions 

Target skill: conclusions

Week 22 -  Leo the Late Bloomer

Essential Question: How do the parts of a story work together?

Word Wall Words: said, good

Oral Vocabulary: blend, cub, den, pounces, prey, scraps

Grammar: pronouns - they, it,  "I" 

Target skill: story structure

Week 25 -  Pie in the Sky

Essential Question: How do words and pictures help tell a story?

Word Wall Words: make, play, said, good, she, all, he, and no  (review week) 

Oral Vocabulary: crop, golden, grind, patch, sprout, sturdy

Grammar: exclamations 

Target skill: text and graphic features

Week 23 -  Zinnia's Flower Garden

Essential Question: Why is the order of events in a story important?

Word Wall Words: she, all

Oral Vocabulary: bank, gills, hatch, shrink, stared, tadpole

Grammar:Proper nouns for days and months

Target skill: sequence of events