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Unit 6

Look at Us!      Big Idea:  We are growing up!
Week 26 -  Something Special

Essential Question: What causes events in a story to happen ?

Word Wall Words: do, down

Oral Vocabulary: assistant, enormous, generous, mayor, shocked, volunteers

Grammar: singular and plural nouns

Target skill: cause and effect

Week 29 -  Look at Us

Essential Question: How can details help me understand a main idea from a selection?

Word Wall Words: off, take

Oral Vocabulary: certainly, embarrassed, languages, mumbled, popular, study 

Grammar: prepositions

Target skill: main idea and details
Week 27 -  One of Three

Essential Question: How can I compare and contrast things from a story?

Word Wall Words: have, help

Oral Vocabulary: creatures, firmly, kite, launched, light, replied

Grammar: subject - verb agreement (present, future, or past tense

Target skill: compare and contrast features

Week 30 -  Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the Last Day of Kindergarten

Essential Question: What clues tell you what a character is thinking and feeling?

Word Wall Words: do, down, have, help, look, out, off, and take

Oral Vocabulary: announced, entrance, expect, favorite, independent, and judge

Grammar: prepositions - in, on, up, out

Target skill: understanding characters
Week 28 -  You Can Do It George

Essential Question: How do I know what parts of a story are important?

Word Wall Words: look, out

Oral Vocabulary: bellowed, dingy, rumbled, valley, waiters, weary

Grammar: Subject - verb agreement

Target skill: story structure