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Unit 3

Outside My Door       Big Idea:  There is so much to see outside. 
Week 11 -  Jump Into January

Essential Question: How are the months of the    year the same and different?

Word Wall Words: come, me

Oral Vocabulary:bloom, peck, scatter, speckled, store, and tracks    (These are words that the students discuss as a part of the read aloud story.)

Grammar: Subject (sentence parts)

Target skill: compare and contrast

Week 14 -  Turtle Splash

Essential Question: What causes events in a story to happen?

Word Wall Words: are, now

Oral Vocabulary: burrow, desert, lodge, patient, shade, soaring

Grammar: Verbs in past tense

Target skill: cause and effect
Week 12 - Snow

Essential Question: What clues help me figure out things the author does not tell me?

Word Wall Words: with, my

Oral Vocabulary: guard, huddle, nodded, pasture, silent, stampede   

Grammar: verb (sentence parts 

Target skill: conclusions

Week 15 -  What a Beautiful Sky

Essential Question: Why is it important to know what happens first, next, and last in a selection?

Word Wall Words: (review week) come, you, me, what, with, are, my, now

Oral Vocabulary: dazzling, distance, gazing, leaned, planet, tunnel 

Grammar: Statements (Capitalization and punctuation) 

Target skill: sequence of events
Week 13 -  What Color is Nature?

Essential Question: Why do authors write informational text?

Word Wall Words: you, what

Oral Vocabulary: daily, herd, muscles, pattern, several, usually

Grammar: Complete sentences (capitalization and punctuation)

Target skill: author's purpose