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Unit 4

Let's Find Out    Big Idea - It's fun to explore.
Week 16 -  What is Science?

Essential Question: Why are details helpful?

Word Wall Words: is, how

Oral Vocabulary: Information, perhaps, pleased, pond, spurt, travel  (These are words that the students discuss as a part of the read aloud story.)

Grammar: Proper nouns for people and pets

Target skill: Details

Week 19 -  Sheep Take a Hike

Essential Question: What causes events in a story to happen?

Word Wall Words: go, for

Oral Vocabulary: blizzards, boring, cliffs, impossible, jungle, and meadow

Grammar: verbs in past tense

Target skill: cause and effect

                     Week 17 -  I Love Bugs

Essential Question: What clues help me figure out things the author does not tell me?  

Word Wall Words:  find, this

Oral Vocabulary:  creaks, hare, hinge, howling, path, and sways

Grammar: Proper nouns for places 

Target skill: conclusions

           Week 20 -  Curious George's Dinosaur                                         Discovery

Essential Question: Why is it important to know when things happen in a story?

Word Wall Words: is, will, how, be, find, go, for, this (review week) 

Oral Vocabulary: apologized, attention, confusion, notice, snooze, webbed

Grammar: verbs - past, present, and future

Target skill: sequence of events
Week 18 -  In the Big Blue Sea

Essential Question: How does knowing why an author wrote a selection help me? 

Word Wall Words: will, be

Oral Vocabulary: canoe, dew, glided, paddle, peered, crew

Grammar: Verbs in future tense

Target skill: author's purpose