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Welcome to Mrs. Tucker's Kindergarten class!  This page is a work in progress at this time.  
Our Specials Schedule
Monday:     Art     

Tuesday:      Physical Education 
                        Students must have gym shoes to participate.       

:Physical Education
                        Students must have gym shoes to participate in PE.
Thursday:  Music 
                  Library book exchange
                   Books must returned to check out new ones.
                Girls -  "Show and Tell"

Friday:         Music   
                   Boys - "Show and Tell"  

Lunch:     12:20 to 12:43

   11:55 to 12:20

Quick Information


            Due to the number of nut allergies in the classroom, we are doing group snacks for the 1st quarter.  On the assigned day, I would appreciate donated snacks from the list which you received on your visit.  I am also including the snack list on the snack link on my webpage.    The students will have a morning snack and an afternoon snack.  I will need 24 snacks for each snack period.  If providing a snack is difficult for your family, please just let me know and I will make other arrangements for your assigned days.   The snack must be a food item and not candy.  The safe snack list is attached below.  

     Please label all items including lunch bags and backpacks with a permanent marker.  You may want to include a last initial and a T – "K". 


            Please remember that the students must have gym shoes to participate in gym class.  They do not need to be strictly worn in the gym, but can be worn all day.  They may keep a pair in their lockers if they would like.

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