Welcome to Kindergarten 2015!  We have many exciting events already planned for this year and I am looking forward to working with your family to give your child a great Kindergarten experience.  

Class Pictures

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Reading Day with Families!   

March Good Citizens



April Good Citizens

Important Kindergarten Info

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Important Kindergarten Information

Please read the following information carefully:

           We are about to start a great journey together.  I believe very strongly that we need to work together to help your child reach their potential and develop a love of learning.  I want them to be excited and eager to learn, but I need your help also.  As a parent, I will be asking you to listen to your child as they bring home work to share and celebrate their success and progress.  Feel free to let me do the worrying about any errors!   I want your time with your child to be positive.  At this age, they should not be spending more than 10 minutes per night working or school related tasks unless it is a special project.  

        WRITING    I feel very strongly about giving “our” children a positive attitude about writing.  Therefore, I will read everything they write and make comments about the content, but I will not mark it up for grammar errors.  I note the errors and use it to direct my teaching, but want them to focus on the content and enjoy the task.

MOVEMENT Kindergarten students do need to get up and move during the day.  We do yoga or Brain Dance for movement breaks.  For the girls, they may want to wear shorts under dresses just to make this easier for them. 



The Classroom

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Our Day

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