Behavior expectations

Behavior Plan for 2015 – 2016

            We will be using “PAWS” as our classroom rules.  This is consistent throughout the building.  The “PAWS” stands for:

1.        Practice kindness

2.       Act respectfully

3.       Work responsibly

4.       Safety

We will spend much time working on what each of these means in the classroom during the first few weeks, and we will periodically review these rules during the year.  We will spend much time preparing for this so that the students know what the rules are and what the expected behaviors look like.  I will also give verbal warnings and gradually work away from these.  We will not actually use the clip chart until I am comfortable that the students are ready. 

            In the classroom, we are going to use a clip chart behavior management system.  The students will each have a clip with their name on it, and they will start each day in the green “ready to learn” section.  The chart has different levels on it: “Soaring – Excellent Job,” “Flying High – Good Job,”  “Ready for the Day,” “Warning,” and “Contact Parent.”  Students will have the opportunity to move up or down during the day depending on their choices.  Positive choices will allow the students to move up while inappropriate behavior choices will move down a level.  This system allows students to get recognition for making good choices / behaviors.  Students feel a sense of accomplishment for moving their clips up the chart.  Students who move down have an opportunity to move back up the chart.  This will provide motivation to improve behavior.   

Ready to learn is the expected behavior level.  The student is following directions and on task.  They are following the PAWS rules.  To move up, the student goes above and beyond expectations.  The student may be helping others or being a good role model. The student who moves down is probably not on task or following directions.  They are not meeting behavior expectations (PAWS) for 1st grade. 

The students may earn rewards such as the following for being on Soaring, flying High, or Ready to Learn:

·         High 5

·         Sticker

·         PAWS slip

·         Notes or certificate home

In addition, the class can earn points towards a class incentive such as extra free time, a special activity or day, a movie, etc. 

Please help me celebrate the student who makes good choices.                        Mrs. Troyer